In the United States have launched a new sample green card

International same day the US Citizenship and Immigration released a new green card, according to the radio station Voice of America.

We continue to "take an active role in combating the threat of fraud and falsification of documents", - quotes the radio message service. According to Voice of America, in new green cards to change the schedule, they will no longer be the owner of the signature, and his photo will be printed on both sides.

Sample Green Card (USA)

Also among the features of the new green card - "unique graphics", and color palette as well as holographic images. In addition, the documents shows the Statue of Liberty predominantly in green, the report says.

According to the post on the site of citizenship and Immigration Services, the documents of both new and old model are valid until the end of their period of validity. Rules for issuing documents remain the same, the report says.

Some green cards and documents - work permit renewed automatically and does not have an expiration date, these cards also remain dis ity noted in the service. At the same time the owners of such cards can replace them with a new sample documents. "Replacing the card will reduce the likelihood of fraud or rigging, if the card is lost or stolen," - said in the service.

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Trump's family history. ( Full documentry)

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Trump again began to talk about cooperation with Russia

President Donald Trump said he believes it is possible agreement with Russia.

"I will work together with Russia. It can also be China, it may be many other groups, "- he said in an interview with the CBS television , did not elaborate on which areas of cooperation in question.

Donald Trump

Transfer will be aired soon, the channel has published its transcript on its website.

Trump has once again called fiction story about the relationship of his campaign to Russia. "If you could not catch a hacker red-handed, it is very difficult to say who carried out the break-in", - President said.

At the same time the US leader recalled "relations" with Moscow of her rival for the presidential race , Hillary Clinton .

"There is John Podesta, who, as I understand it, together with his brother owns a company in Russia. Hillary's husband gave speeches in Russian for a fee, and she concluded with the Russian uranium deal. But no one even talks about it, "- said Trump.

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Trump announced the construction of a wall with Mexico in the near future

Wall separating Mexico and the United States, will be built in the near future. This was stated by President Donald Trump in the speech at the White House, reports USA Today.

Trump's statement followed after discussion of the increase in the cost of the planned barrier separating the two countries. The funds for its construction should be included in the project of the US government spending, considered in Congress. Trump refused to answer the question whether he will sign it if there is not included an item on the financing of the construction of the wall. The president a bill draft consideration of expenses must be received by Friday. Against the allocation of funds for the construction of the wall are the Democrats.

Trump Great Wall

"I do not know what these people say. I look at all these shows in the morning, all of these clever men, and I do not know what they were saying. The wall will be built, one hundred percent ", - said Trump. At the same time calling the exact timing of its construction, he did not.

Build a wall on the border with Mexico to prevent the flow of illegal migrants Trump suggested during his election campaign. January 25, he signed a corresponding decree. At the same time the sources of construction financing are not defined yet, despite claims by Trump that the funds for its construction will allocate itself to Mexico. According to estimates by the US Department of Homeland Security, the walls of the price will be more than $ 21 billion, which is 1.5 times higher than the original estimate. According to the draft budget for 2018, which was prepared by the presidential administration, the construction of the border with Mexico, Congress should allocate $ 1.5 billion in the current fiscal year.

In March, the White House announced the technical requirements for the future builders of the wall. They were required to build a wall height of more than 9 m, which should allow a minimum of 30 minutes of various attempts to overcome it. In addition, it should be aesthetically pleasing color.

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Moment flip Russian flags at a rally Trump got on video

During his speech, the US president Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania unknown person threw his arms into the air flags in the colors of the Russian tricolor. This moment is captured by a camera channel MSNBC. This wrote the journalist, CNBC Stiven Kopak in his Twitter.

"During his speech, Trump someone threw his arms in the air Russian flags in front of the camera," - he wrote.

Donald Trump

Trump supporters rally was held on 29 April. His speech is timed to the first hundred days of presidency. "I truly believe that my administration's first hundred days have been the most successful in the history of our country" - quoted Trump television channel Fox News.

During his speech, he touched upon the issues of trade, migration, job creation, as well as the theme of building a wall on the border with Mexico. Furthermore, he criticized the American media once again calling them "false."

In February, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with Donald Trump handed out flags in colors of the Russian tricolor , the inscription on which reads Trump. During his speech, the American leader present at the conference were waving flags, after which the CPAC organizers began to take them.

The responsibility for action taken in the two activist Americans Take Action movement. According to one of them, the activists managed to bring to the conference a thousand flags and distribute them all.

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Trump announced the release of their opponents at the meetings for the money

The protests, which participants demanded that the US president Donald Trump open publication of tax returns were paid for by unknown. This Trump said on his page on Twitter.

"Somebody has to figure out who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday," - said the US president. However, he stressed that the elections in the US has long been completed.


Rallies demanding the publication of the tax declarations of the US President passed the day before. All across the country was organized by about 150 protesters. In New York rally gathered thousands of participants who marched from Brighton Park to the business residence of Trump's Trump Tower.

In California, police arrested 20 people after a brawl that occurred in the course of such an action. Its members come into conflict with supporters Donald Trump.

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